Dunvegan Ducks

What we do !

Distributor and supplier in Southern Africa of fresh and frozen quality free-range Pekin ducks to the distribution, restaurant and butcher markets. Other products include rabbits and grain fed free range chickens.

Pekin Duck
duck in Afrikaans is eend
duck in Danish is and
duck in Dutch is eend
duck in Finnish is sorsa
duck in French is cane, canard
duck in German is Ente
duck in Norwegian is and, dukke
duck in Portuguese is pato
duck in Spanish is pato
duck in Swedish is and, ducka, anka
Duck Translations

Pekin Facts.

  • Pekin ducks are specially bred for the purpose of supplying quality duck meat for the table.
  • They take 7-9 weeks to mature to a usable size.
  •  A 2 kg bird will eat about 10kg of food in there life.
  • Pekin ducks cant fly.